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Triathlon Fitness Centre provides essential Triathlon Training Resources to support your development and progression as a Triathlete. Whether you are new to Triathlon or you just want to Train Harder, Faster & Smarter (More Efficiently)… You can find information, guidance and a variety of related tools to support you as you achieve your Triathlon goals.

Dedicated to bringing you the best ‘proven’ and most up-to-date Training Programs, Methods, Information and Advice, our Site is designed and organised, to be easily navigated and readily accessible. With every aspect of Triathlon being covered in detail, our Resources include of a collection of sources and types, from quick tips to comprehensive Training programs. We also include product reviews, so that you can make some informed decisions before making any triathlon related purchases.

Our objective at Triathlon Fitness Centre is to help you improve and optimise your triathlon fitness whether you’re a triathlon novice or seasoned triathlon champion. If you want to ‘just complete’ your first Triathlon, injury free, or to knock minutes off your Triathlon PB time, this is the ultimate Triathlon Resource for you.


Triathlon Fitness Centre Team